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Rocket fuel

Born from decades of experience, Rocket Fuel is a managed marketing service created by S&T Advertising. We fuse professional video production with smart marketing strategy to better tell your brand's story.

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Unleash the power of smart, strategic advertising for your business

Creating dynamic advertising has been in S&T’s DNA for decades. Long before the internet, our cable TV commercials gave small businesses a voice. Rocket Fuel is a next generation managed marketing service, designed to:

1. Develop a consistent marketing mission across multiple advertising channels.
2. Drive growth.

We’ve recruited the best people! Our team is built upon real agency experience, including our in-house professional graphic designers and video production specialists. Trust our marketing experts to craft the right message to tell your brand’s story. In short, Rocket Fuel is your all-in-one source to launch business growth. We’re here to manage your marketing, so you can focus better on your business.

Marketing Matters

Your customers are more likely to begin their first impression of your business online.

people search online first
Customers want more videos
People have Social Media

What does your business need?

Designed for all budgets

Social Media

Let us take the wheel and produce video content that converts on social media.


We’ll produce a video campaign for both Social Media, Youtube and Television. PLUS a custom landing page to drive online conversions.

Campaign plus

Let’s go to the next level  beyond campaign with multiple videos all designed with a central message.

it's time to fuel

your growth

Whether you’re new to marketing or have been advertising for years, you owe it to yourself to experience the difference of working with marketing professionals who are focused on your goals. We built Rocket Fuel to deliver meaningful service, and we treat you with the respect you deserve.
We’ve been doing it since 1952.

Get in Touch!

We get it — marketing budgets get tight, and it’s easy to defer our dreams for growth until next year.  And then the next.

At Rocket Fuel, we’d love to help you seize the now and create a plan for growth.  Plus, it won’t cost you a dime to have a consultation with a Rocket Fueled Representative. 

320 Kansas Ave,
Brewster, KS 67732

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